Std – 9


  • Introduction and Features of JAVA
    • Elementary Concept of Classes & Objects
    • Class as object factory and objects as instance of a class.
    • Attributes of classes – Characteristics & Behaviour
    • OOP Principles
    • JDK, API and Packages, Source Code, Byte Code, Object Code,
    • JAVAC (Compiler), JVM (Interpreter)
    • Environment Blue – J
    • Java Character Set – Unicode
    • Tokens – Keywords, Identifiers, Literals, Operators, Separators
    • Concept of Data Types – Primitive Types
    • Type Conversion – Implicit & Explicit
    • Operators and their types, Precedence and Associativity of operators
      • Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Logical Operators
    • Unary, Binary and Ternary Operators
      • Prefix & Postfix notations along with Shortcuts of Java
  • Taking Inputs in Java
  • Input Stream Reader and Buffered Reader
  • Programming methodology
    • Sequential Structure
      • Simple programs with expression & operators Assignments
    • Selection Structure
      • Conditional statements with if, if…else, if…else if…else
      • if…else Ladder (with Dangling problems)
      • If else with Logical Operator && and ||



  • Programming methodology
    • Selection Structure
      • Conditional Operator (Ternary)
      • switch…case statements
    • Programs based on Selection Structure
      • Programs based on if…else ladder
      • Menu Driven Programs using switch
  • Error handling in Java
  • Types of errors
    • Syntax Errors
    • Runtime Errors
    • Logical Errors
  • Iterations through Loops (Simple programs)
  • Concept of fixed (known iterations) using ‘for’ Loops
  • Non-Nested Loops only
  • Programs based on Non Nested Loops
    • Factors, Factorial, Prime, Perfect etc…
    • Series of Natural Squares, Cubes, Fibonacci etc…



  • Concept of variable (unknown iterations & entry controlled) using ‘while’ Loops
  • Concept of ‘do…while’ Loops (unknown iterations & exit control)
  • Nested Loops
    • Nested ‘for’ loops
    • Nested ‘while’ loops
    • Nested ‘do…while’ loops
  • Jump Statements using ‘break’ and ‘continue’
  • Programs based on Nested Loops
    • Series programming
    • Pattern Programming
    • Number & Digits based Programming
      • Special Numbers
      • Programming based on numbers within a given Range

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