Std – 8


 Introduction to Microcomputers (Definition and example only)

  • Concept and idea of CU, ALU & MU
  • The BUS and its types

 Memories (Definition and example only)

  • RAM & ROM
  • Secondary Storage Devices
  • Floppy Disc, HDD & Drives, Optical Storage, CD-ROMs

 Number System

  • Binary, Decimal, Octal & Hexadecimal No. System (Concepts)
  • Conversions from Bin to Decimal and vice-versa
  • Conversions from Decimal to Octal and vice-versa
  • Conversion from Decimal to Hexadecimal and vice-versa

 Input Devices (Definition and example only)

  • Trackball, Light Pen, Touch Screen
  • Document Reading Devices – MICR, OMR, OCR, Bar Codes & Readers

 Programming in BASIC (Programs & Flowcharts)

  • GW-BASIC – System & Programming Commands
  • Constants, Variables & Expressions
  • PRINT & INPUT Commands
  • Decision making (using IF… ELSE)
  • FOR…NEXT loop
  • Programs & Flowcharts based on FOR…NEXT loop (without using range)
  • Programs on Factorial, Factors, number of factors & their squares & cubes
  • Prime numbers, Perfect numbers, Buzz numbers
  • WHILE…WEND loop (Programs and Flowcharts)



Array using DIM statement (Programs & Flowcharts)

  • Concept of subscript and subscripted variable
  • DIM Command
  • Entry of elements, Display in normal order and reverse order
  • Sum, Product and average of array elements
  • Sum, product, average of even /odd elements in an array
  • Displaying last digit of every array element
  • Searching an element in array using Linear Search method only
  • Frequency of a number entered by user within an array

Software (Definition and example only)

  • System software – Operating Systems
  • Translators
  • Compiler, Interpreter & Assembler
  • Utility Programs
  • Application Software
  • Programming Languages



String Manipulation (Programs & Flowcharts)

  • Concept of string constants and string variables
  • String functions
  • LEN( ), LEFT$( ), RIGHT$( ), MID$( )
    • ASCII Codes
  • STR$( ), ASC( ), CHR$( ), VAL( )
  • Programming in Strings (Programs & Flowcharts)
    • Entry of a word and display multiple times
    • Input multiple words and display length of each
    • Input a word and display Patterns using LEFT$, RIGHT$, MID$
    • Frequency of a character within a string
    • Counting vowels within a string
    • Frequency of vowels within a string
    • Concatenation of two or more strings
    • Splitting a string into two parts from a specified position
    • Reverse printing of a word entered by the user (without using concatenation)

READ and DATA (Programs & Flowcharts)

  • READ and DATA commands
  • RESTORE command
  • Programs based on READ, DATA & RESTORE commands


  1. Kalpana Shekhar says:

    Thanks ! Can you post programs based on WHILE…WEND ,READ…DATA & RESTORE on site . Many pograms are not done in class and when it comes for exam then our sir claims that it has been covered in class and so we have to face a lot of problems . It will be very easy for us to get programs readymade .PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

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