Std – 6


Computer System and Software

  1. Definition of Computer
  2. Block Diagram of Computer System
  3. Functions of Input and Output devices
  4. Arithmetic and Logic Unit, Control Unit , Memory Unit
  5. Functions of Processing device
  6. Random Access Memory (RAM) – Static RAM and Dynamic RAM (Simple definitions only)
  7. Read Only Memory (ROM) – PROM, EPROM, EEPROM (Simple definitions only)
  8. Software – System Software and Application Software

More on MS-Windows 7

  1. Operating System – Definition, functions and classification
  2. MS-Windows 7 – Start Button, White area and Dark Area
  3. Quick Launch Icons, Notification Area

Introduction to QBasic

  1. QBasic – Introduction and Definition
  2. Run, Open and Save a QBasic Program
  3. QBasic Character Set
  4. Numeric and String Variables in QBasic
  5. Operators in QBasic
  6. Assignment / LET Statement
  7. Simple QBasic Programs using LET Statement



 More on Algorithms and Flowcharts

  1. Algorithms – Definition and Advantages
  2. Simple Algorithms using steps
  3. Flowcharts – Definition and Symbols
  4. Simple Flowcharts using Symbols     

More Features of MS-Word 2010

  1. Introduction to MS-Word, Change Case and Drop Cap
  2. MS-Word Tabs, Line Spacing and Paragraph Spacing
  3. Page Formatting and Page Setup
  4. Footnote and Endnote
  5. Mail Merge 

Statements in QBasic

  1. INPUT Statement
  2. PRINT Statements using comma and semi-colon
  3. REM Statement
  4. Simple QBasic Programs using LET and INPUT Statements



Revision of QBasic

 More about MS-Excel 2010

  1. Introduction to MS-Excel
  2. Types of Data entered in MS-Excel
  3. Undo and Redo Commands
  4. Steps to Insert Row, Insert Column and Delete Cell in MS-Excel
  5. Steps for changing Row Height and Column Width using Format menu
  6. Auto Fill Feature


  1. Definition and use
  2. Modem and its two types — Internal and External
  3. Internet Service Provider (ISP) with examples
  4. Popular Services on the Internet – E-Mail, World Wide Web, News, Chatting,
  5. E-Commerce, Video conferencing, Blogs, E-Card etc…
  6. Basic idea & example of Website, Home Page and Web Browser



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