Loyola Stuffs

All the whereabouts and happenings at Loyola school (well i mean most of it)…

You can visit the links to know more about the Syllabus, Results, Examination Timetable, Projects & Assignments etc…

  1. alok kumar says:

    aree sir aap toh affat blog baniye hai…….sir aap abhi tak humko virus baanana nahi sikhaiye……..

  2. Shreya says:

    Put dis on net that 7E said u a warm sorry

  3. mini says:

    dear sir
    i am a studens of 6b .manjyot if you haven’t corrected our paper so give us all 20 marks

  4. Sourav says:

    I am sorry sir oops!
    we are sorry sir from 8a

  5. Prakhar says:

    arrey sir
    aafat blog hai
    ek no.

  6. jithin says:

    sir, where r d dates 4 the xcursion…

  7. arshandastur says:

    sir. you are a big aafat.You are like a catalyst,an element . neel sir, tussi great ho!

  8. shayantan pal 7D 31 says:

    Very gd blog sir! U don’t teach us but u took ur substitution 1 day and frm then I’m a fan of u I’m also going to create a blog like U

  9. gourav says:

    aapka blog ek no hai sir !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Rishabh mahanty says:

    Aafat blog hai….. kripya karke hum sab balakon ko humara paper jald se jald dene ka kasht kare aur agar hum se koi bhul ho gaye ho to hume kshama kar de…..
    n sir I’m from 10A

  11. Sayon Bhattacharjee says:

    sir kya website banaye hain???
    & sir howz ur watch

  12. Bryan Iyer says:


  13. gokul nagelia says:

    sir mazaa aaa gaya website dekh kar mast hai

  14. nidhi says:

    its 2 wonderful and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Rakshdeep Kaur says:

    sir ur blog is a great help to students ….
    ab se issi se padaye ga …
    thanks … fantastic blog..v

  16. SUROJIT ROY says:

    SIR JHOR WEBSITE HAI!! signing off this time from class 10A-2015 … THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING,,..

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