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Java – Glossary
Previous Year’s Question Papers
Java Question Bank
Java – Synopsis
Theory of Java
Sample Programs

  1. aafat website hain sir!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. excellent website, me most pleasure to find various kinds of of little,cute pieces of information about babbage’s invention,i mean, computers.jai neel sir!

  3. Aviraldg says:

    Nice blog, but too simplistic theme.
    + You could have manyu and me as guest writers for the computer section…??

  4. Aviraldg says:

    Nice website sir, but you need a better theme. Also why not link to manyu’s blog … and my blog .. we’ll do the same too! You could also have us as guest writers …? The entire concept of a teacher having a website … the possibilites are endless !!!

  5. Sir, you are the coolest teacher I’ve ever seen!!

    Jai Loyola!!

  6. Shreya Garg says:

    sir… good job
    Well done i am proud of you………

  7. Shreya Garg says:

    sir… good job
    Well done i am proud of you………

  8. Susmit Paul says:

    nice job sir!!

  9. Roudra Akhuly ( Bhutum ) says:

    Sir, this is surely one of the best blogs in internet! I feel very happy for this.
    Ye blog ek afat hai!!!!!!!

  10. Everyone check out this link :

    Try solving it within 10 mins.

    You can take help from Google.

    P.S. : Sir you too please try.

  11. Neel says:

    u get page 2 and wanna go further just type /
    i.e. an extraslash that takes u a page deeper….
    i guess that works….

  12. Itz actually much more than that……it gets tougher at every level……

  13. Shiva says:

    Hey Sir! Me from 10E.Remember me? The one who answered the array reversing question? Well my name is Shiva.I guess I am the 1ST from 10E to visit this site.This site is really AAFAT!!

  14. Neel says:

    yep… i do remember u shiva..
    and all the best 4 ur xams….

  15. susmit says:

    i went till page nine, in TopTechSite, but i dont know how to go to page 10, can anyone help me??
    sir what about u??

  16. susmit says:

    sorry i went off tilll 16 now i dont know how to go to 17, pls somebody yaar help me.

  17. meeran says:

    aafat website hai sir! majhe yeh kehte hue bahut proud mehsoos hota hai ke main neel sir ka chaatr hoon.

  18. ananya says:

    hello sir this is Ananya from 10e.
    just wanted to ask you that in the computer project is it necessary to use functions and other things like constructors.if not then will we get better marks if we do so or you’ll give marks just for a correct program.

  19. Sourav says:

    well done sir !!!!!!!!!1

  20. ankit 10D says:

    check that program out

  21. ankit 10D says:

    it is report card!!!!

  22. Mainak says:

    sir i am the first one to visit this blog from 8e
    and the second one from 8 std
    aviral is the first

  23. tamanna taneja says:

    oh baba!! nyc website!!

  24. varun says:

    @aviral-tum yahan par bhi manu ka peecha karoge kya

  25. archish says:

    A java program :
    wap to find all possible combinations from a word entered by the user.(Sir I need your help)



  26. archish says:

    sir can you hack the us server to download the movie Avatar in full hd form.

    I tried to make a batch file and get into the server by loop holes but failed.

  27. ARSHAN DASTUR says:

    hello sir .I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation.
    I want to ask you something.
    what is infrared which is there on some mobiles?

  28. Rishabh Mitra says:

    dis website is as cool as you!

  29. Jayant Raj says:

    hi neel sir… add my blog to your blogroll…..

  30. Aditya Mani says:

    grt work sir….grt work..

  31. Shwetank Sharad says:

    it rocks

  32. Shipra Kumar says:

    nic website sir……

  33. Lachit says:

    aafat websit h sir…!!

  34. ysinha943 says:

    Tehelka hain sir i am a true fan…

  35. fvfvfvfvfv says:

    affat website hain sir such main

  36. Ivan Jacob says:

    Hi neel sir indeed you dont know me but I am of 6c. remember or not you came to my class on monday. yeh toh aafat website hai!!!!

  37. saarimshakil says:

    Sir you rock..!!

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