TCS IT Wiz 2009, Bhubaneswar Edition

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Loyola

TCS conducted its IT Wiz 2009. And we were a part of Bhubaneswar Edition.

From over 1200 participants in the regional finals of the TCS IT Wiz only six teams were qualified for the Regional Stage round. Loyola School, Jamshedpur being one of them. 

2 teams consisting of Rahul Chandrashekhar, Varun Pandey & Hursh Sharma, Aviral Dasgupta participated in the event. Though Rahul and Varun (me) missed the stage marginally Hursh Sharma XI & Aviral Dasgupta VIII made it to the regional finals but unfortunately, DAV Public School, Pokhariput emerged as winners and the only qualifying team for finals to be held at Bangalore… 

Special kudos to Aviral Dasgupta who within such a short time of information, made it to the stage round and was mentioned as the junior most from Std VIII competing with the 12thers and 10thers.

 Our boys at 4th received MP3 players, Wrist Watches, Coffee table books, Coffee mugs, T-shirts and Travel Bags. The quiz was hosted by TCS, with quizmaster Mr Giri Balasubramaniam (Pickbrain) and Mr. Vishal Dev (Commissioner) Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) graced the occasion and distributed the awards.

  1. drake says:

    pls could you share any qs with me i am appearing for lucknow edition of this quiz

  2. Anand Krishnan says:

    Hi..!! congrats… im anand from Loyola School,Trivandrum. Our seniors were the champs last year at d kochi edition… we hope to keep the title.. could you send me the questions asked for the prelims??

  3. tanya says:

    pls can u share any questions ..i’m preparing for the quiz

  4. Rohan says:

    can you mail me the questions @

    It will greatly help in prep….please mail the qs!

  5. shubham says:

    Hey, congrats
    cud u pls mail me the questions … it wud be really gr8ful of u 2 help me wid d quiz…

  6. prabhat says:

    and yes…………….ur description of the event is really nice…..thoroughly enjoyed it!!!
    GOOD DAY…………..

  7. Anand Krishnan says:

    i was runner up at the kochi prelims.. i dont remember all the qtns..sorry…

    1. opteron,athlon from which company? AMD
    2. eport in India by TCS? Kochi
    3. identify the company the founded – foto of the 3 twitter founders ? twitter
    4. mark zuckerburg, chris hughes.. etc founded what? facebook
    5. foto – Transformers (movie)
    6. logo – NCR
    7. expand VAN-Value added network
    8. bing from which company? Microsoft
    9. Project Joshua Blue? IBM
    10.saif ali khan and soha ali khan.. which company? lenovo
    11.wat was founded by akio morito and masaru ibuka? sony
    12.expansion of PERL was given(hehe… i dont remember).. what is it commonly known as? PERL
    13.e.go from wich company? WIPRO
    14.”do the new”? TATA DOCOMO
    15. foto – N Chandrasekhar
    16.In binary tree, wat is name given to 2 nodes of same parent at same level? Siblings
    17.logo- silverlight
    18.Wat was going to be named Interface Manager? Windows
    19. .lk-sri lanka
    20. /*dont remember*/

  8. drake says:

    more bout me!!!!!!! well least that i can say is that i live in ddun and i am an amateur quizzer
    hav participated in bournvita,limca quiz nd aqua regia but this is my first time in tcs ___ so pls frnd help me

  9. shivam says:

    plz provide me with some questions and specific topics …my id is

  10. Asif says:

    plz frnds, help me out with this preparation…i have to appear for the TCS on this Saturday only…plz help me out with some of the study materials,question banks, etc etc…will really be thankful to u…my email id is —

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